I’ll Figure It Out!

I tried a new recipe last night. Moroccan Chicken.  I made the chicken with lots of vegetables. I made the Quinoa. I left both on the stove top with the serving spoons on the lids of the two saucepans because honestly, I didn't believe that Mr. M would be able to find the spoons all… Continue reading I’ll Figure It Out!

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My 35th

Valentine's day.  Definitely not something Mr. M and I care about.  But that week is always very special.  I'll give you a hint: Birthday + Me.  What's actually fun is that everybody has a birthday but I usually celebrate my birthday for weeks.  I (shamelessly) start reminding Mr. M and Ka weeks in advance.  I… Continue reading My 35th



Last weekend was one of those rare occasions when the whole weekend was not spent watching movies.  For a change, we all had breakfast at the table and after breakfast Ka wanted one of us to tell her a story.  I was still eating and so, Mr.M decided to take advantage of the golden opportunity.  Ka and… Continue reading Storytelling