Kids, Us

What a Pain!!!

So, it works.  Like a charm.  It had to.  After all it was a genius idea.  The only downside to it is that the music needs to go on and on and on.  All night long.  If for some bizarre reason, like me not being able to sleep because of it or me sleep-walking and ‘sleep-off-ing‘ the player,  the music stops, a switch gets flipped somewhere and a voice calls out to me saying, “Amma! Music!”.   So, for the sake of my sanity, I decided to leave the music on through the night.  The same songs would play over and over again.   Endlessly.  Through the night.  And the night seemed to go on and on with the music.  Endlessly.  Forever.  I would lie there and wait for it to end.  Wait for the dawn to break.  Desperately and helplessly.  Mozart and Bach and Beethoven were, beyond all doubts, geniuses, but there’s only so much I can take.  Like some wise dude said, “There’s a limit to everything!”.  Even good music. What’s more?  I couldn’t use my laptop.  Remember? I was supposed to blog and check my e-mail and do whatever else I needed to do on the computer after Ka slept or before she woke up.  Right!  And how exactly was I supposed to do that?  With Mr. M hogging his laptop and the little one hogging mine, I didn’t stand a chance.  So, the brilliant Mr. M came up with a plan.  Actually, it was my idea but it turned out to be a pain in the you-know-where executing the plan, and that is why I am going to be my generous self and give the credit to Mr. M.  

I couldn’t really do anything about the music playing through the night.  But, I could at least try to claim my machine back.   So, I decided to go with the flow.  The answer to my prayers, according to Mr. M, was Zune.  Now, how do I put this across nicely?  I love the device and all but honestly, syncing it with the computer has always been such a nightmare, I couldn’t muster up enough courage to even try that option.  Every single time I have connected it to my machine, I have had such a disastrous experience that I have stopped using the thing.  So, the only other alternative was the iPad.  iTunes is fairly simple to use right?  Everybody uses it.  It must be a breeze, I thought!  So I, very confidently, downloaded iTunes (yeah! I never bothered with that before),  hooked up my iPad to the laptop and tried uploading (I think that’s the term) some songs.  And that’s when I realised that either I am very very special’  or there is something seriously wrong with software (again, I think that’s what they are called) like iTunes and the likes.  I know I am technically challenged and all, but this time around I am pretty sure I wasn’t to blame.  And I can say that with so much conviction because Mr. M, who is pretty good at figuring these things out,  also had a lot of trouble figuring this out (that is, when he finally pitched in).  About 15 minutes into the ordeal, I had broken down and cried like somebody had died and had almost defenestrated the damn laptop and the iPad.  This is when Mr. M decided to take over from me and Ka, my sweet little pumpkin, decided to pacify me.  She even gave me a kiss and wiped off my tears with her sleeves saying, “Don’t worry amma! It will be fine.  Appa is a smart guy. He can fix it!”  But, I just couldn’t stop.  I was just so angry and frustrated and angry (did I already mention that?), I cried and cried shamelessly till Mr. M figured it out.  Finally, much to Ka’s delight and Mr. M’s relief, I stopped crying.  Then came the cursing.  After about 7.327 minutes of cursing iTunes and Zune and every person who had ever had anything to do with these things coming into existence,  I tucked Ka into bed, played the music on the iPad, and swore to myself that I will never ever have anything to do with these things ever ever never ever again.  These kind of specialized operations will be handled by Mr. M and Mr. M only.   And I will do my daughter a favour and save her the trouble of having to mother her mother!


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