Silver Linings

Well, the last time I penned a post, it seems like I was in a hell of a mood.  But, you know what? I've been noticing something lately. When I find myself caught in that kind of mood and can't seem to shake out of it, I have a special recipe that gets me up… Continue reading Silver Linings


Surviving ‘Here’

My last post here was almost a year ago. In this time, I have kept myself plenty busy with a lot of things but mostly with trying to come to terms with the fact that I'm here. Seriously. It's been two of the longest years of my life and I'm still settling in. It's true… Continue reading Surviving ‘Here’

India, me

Who, me?

Can't believe it's been two weeks already!!!  That must mean that I have dissociative personality disorder popularly known as multiple personality disorder.  Wait a second.  I know old habits die hard and you are compelled to wonder how on earth our having been here 2 weeks could possibly mean that I have MPD, but what I… Continue reading Who, me?