Last weekend was one of those rare occasions when the whole weekend was not spent watching movies.  For a change, we all had breakfast at the table and after breakfast Ka wanted one of us to tell her a story.  I was still eating and so, Mr.M decided to take advantage of the golden opportunity.  Ka and M agreed that ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ was a good one.  “So, basically…”, started Mr. M.  I smiled to myself and let him go on.   “…there was a boy, right?”, he said.  Ka looked at me in the hope that I would step in and be her Knight in shining armour and rescue her from this ‘coder’ who starts a story with “basically” and ends the sentence with “right?”.  I resisted the temptation to butt-in and from what I remember, I did succeed (although Mr. M might have a different take on the facts).  Anyway, Mr. M continued.  ” And he was taking care of his father’s sheep.  And the sheep were in an enclosure right?  So, do you know what an enclosure is?”.  Ka nods ‘no’.  Mr. M goes,” you should ask questions da kanna. okay?.  So, people used to live in villages, right? and they used to have sheep and cows and stuff in their houses.  Technically, the animals were not ‘in’ the house but just outside.  Sometimes some rich people had a barn or a farm.  So, basically, they used to build these big fences around their houses to keep the animals from running away.  Do you know what the fence was made of?  So, the villages were near forests right?  So, people used to cut wood from the forests and make fences out of them.  Nowadays there aren’t very many forests left because of all the deforestation.  Do you know what ‘deforestation’ means?  Well…people use wood for a lot of things right? So they cut too many trees so they could use that space to build houses and grow food.  So, the forests got wiped out. ”  If I had let him continue, he would be teaching Ka all about global warming and soon enough they would be talking about quantum physics and how the universe was born.  So, I took pity on Ka and reminded Mr. M that he was a quarter way through a story with quite a good moral for a 5-year-old.  And so, Mr. M picked up where he left off (or at least as close as possible to where he left-off).  “Anyway, so, the boy was sitting there right?  And the village was on the border of a forest.”  At this point, I am pretty sure I saw him scanning the table for a piece of paper and a pen.  I think he wanted to draw the map of the forest and the village which sat on the edge of the forest.  If left to him, he might even have taught Ka what a map being to (or not to) scale means and how you measure the distance between two places on a map using the scale.  Anyway, luckily there was no paper and pen around.  So, he continued with his story.  Soon, the boy was crying wolf and the villagers were running out with swords and revolvers all kinds of weapons just short of nuclear warheads!!!  Then is when Ka and I decided it would be best if I told the story and appa sat in and listened so he could learn a little something about storytelling…


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