The Art of EB

I can’t believe that we landed just 6 days ago.  It’s almost as if a couple of pairs of wheels sprouted from beneath our feet as soon as we set foot here.  6 days and we’ve already opened a bank account, finalised the school for Ka and found a house for us to live in, well…almost.  First we went around and saw a few different communities and decided on which community we liked the best.  Then we started seeing apartments in that community.  The more we saw, the more confused we got.  The more confused we got, the more we argued.  The more we argued, the more imaginative our brains became.  The more imaginative our brains became, the more conniving and scheming we became.  The more conniving and scheming we became, the more creative our methods to brainwash and convince each other became. .  Finally after a lot of analysis and discussion (read arguing and sulking), we short-listed 3 houses.  Our life was made simpler by the owner of one of these houses who happens to be a film star and doesn’t want to rent out his house.  Lovely!! This was the only one we  both liked and would have happily moved into had it been available.  Now we were stuck with deciding between two houses.  Mr. M liked the one on the 13th floor for its views.  I liked the one on the 5th floor because I am smart and I like what I like and that’s the end of the discussion.  Also, because I happen to be so smart, I always make the right choices.  Afterall, I am the woman and I’m yet to meet a man who has the guts to admit that he has met a woman who has ever been wrong!

Moreover, it’s not like Mr. M is going to spend all his time sitting at home enjoying the view.  I am the one who’s going to be spending the most time in the house and so, it would only be fair to let me pick where I want to live.  So, we kept going back to view the two apartments, weighing the pros and cons of each.  Finally I played my trump card, a trick that I have mastered with years of practice – emotional blackmail.  It is an art I believe every woman should master because that’s the one thing that works EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!  The key is to not let the man feel blackmailed and to let him believe that you are actually on his side and that he is ultimately “the decider”.  Men seem to love that, poor little things!!  What can I say?  I hate to toot my own horn, but the fact remains that I am mighty good at it.  And sure as hell, I won this one too.  Now, all we need to do is sit back and wait for the property manager to convince the owner on the move-in date and the rent and then get back to us.  Till then I will be keeping all my fingers and toes (and whatever else I can) crossed, even if they start fusing together!!!  And if we, by any chance, end up on the 13th floor, I will simply blame my luck for it…


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