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Plowing Away…

I have been awol for a while now.  And my plate's been quite full.  I've been busy with things and one of them is this.  I've rediscovered Zentangle and I've spent the last few months tangling to my heart's content. It's been a blast.  So much that I, the cheapskate, have signed up for the… Continue reading Plowing Away…

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That's what my life is all about.  Phases.  Every few months (sometimes weeks, and sometimes even days), I go through one phase or the other.  Right now I am going through a reading, cooking and sketching phase.  That basically means that I have been reading myself to sleep every single night and I have been cooking like… Continue reading Phases

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Have you ever seen a potter at work? Now, that's what I call magic. Yes! Potter+Potter's Wheel+Clay = Magic!! Not illusions but real magic. The beauty with which a lump of mud is transformed into a thing of  art never ceases to fascinate me.Do I really need to tell you in so many words that I signed up for pottery class? I am… Continue reading Magic