Love or Something Like It…

Funny how relationships work, huh? 9 1/2 years of being married and I still miss him when he’s away.  The feeling’s the same as it was the first time.  It is the same restlessness.  The same vacuum that I try to fill in vain.  The same sleeplessness.  The same knot in the stomach.  The same feeling of my lungs being stuffed with cotton.   Same feeling of being lost, not knowing what to do.  The same loneliness.  The same helplessness.  The same waiting in anticipation for his call.  The same urge to check my email every half an hour.  The same tendency to never be more than 3 feet away from the cell phone.  The same longing.  The same need to check the date every couple of hours and then count the number of days left before he gets back home.  The same urge to curse his damn company for sending him away on a business trip.  Must be love…


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