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My 35th

Valentine's day.  Definitely not something Mr. M and I care about.  But that week is always very special.  I'll give you a hint: Birthday + Me.  What's actually fun is that everybody has a birthday but I usually celebrate my birthday for weeks.  I (shamelessly) start reminding Mr. M and Ka weeks in advance.  I… Continue reading My 35th


Draw a Line Folks. Somewhere…Anywhere!!

It is funny, this place.  Not laugh out loud funny.  Not even smile-ear-to-ear funny.  It's kind of the-jaw-drops-to-the-floor funny.  Weird funny.  Want-to-punch-them-in-the-face funny. We are put up in a serviced apartment.  Today Mr. M picked up the morning newspaper outside our apartment and found that the pages were all jumbled up and some of the pages didn't… Continue reading Draw a Line Folks. Somewhere…Anywhere!!