I’ll Figure It Out!

I tried a new recipe last night. Moroccan Chicken.  I made the chicken with lots of vegetables. I made the Quinoa. I left both on the stove top with the serving spoons on the lids of the two saucepans because honestly, I didn’t believe that Mr. M would be able to find the spoons all by himself.

He came back from work after I called and reminded him that he needs to come home asap.  He had my car and I had to take Ka for her flute lesson. I had his car but I hate driving it.  Even if I didn’t, it was useless to me since Mr. M had taken my set of house keys along with the key to the garage door and both the garage openers! Anyway, he got back on time and I drove Ka to her lesson (a 15 minute drive). Soon after I left home, I got a call.  “The chicken doesn’t have enough gravy to be eaten with Quinoa”, the caller said.  I thought for a bit and told him there was a tub of Vindaloo gravy in the fridge.  He opened the fridge and, before even looking for it, asked me where it was. I said, “bottom most shelf, left side, right in front in a plastic container with a black lid and a label that says Vindaloo.” He found it! Yippee! He then says,”I opened it but it has a plastic wrap coz it’s a new tub.” To which I said, “Use a pair of scissors or knife to stab the plastic wrap and then just peel it off. The scissors are in the top most drawer between the fridge and the stove top.”  Remember, he’s smart. He’s an adult in his 40s and he’s brilliantly smart!  Against all odds, he managed to open the container! Yippee again! Now he asks, “What should I use to take the curry out? Should I use a spoon?”.  I weighed my options.  I could either ask him to use a spoon and spend the next minute and half helping him find the spoon or I could make him pour it directly out of the container and deal with a few drips on my counter. It was a no-brainer. I told him to pour it directly onto the quinoa on his plate, stick the plate in the microwave and nuke it for a minute.  He heated the food! More Yippee!  When all was accomplished, he says, “Okay Kanna! Don’t worry about it. I’ll figure it out!”

“I’ll figure it out” ??? “I’LL FIGURE IT OUT”??? REALLY???  What exactly is left to figure out?  I would love to know…


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