The BIG Move

Life's come a full circle and we're back in Seattle.  Definitely glad to be back and loving it a lot more this time around.  Somehow, the minute our plane touched down, I felt like I was back home.  After all, this is where I have lived the longest...5 years.  Granted that the last time around,… Continue reading The BIG Move


A Little Birdie Tells Me…

...that I'm worse than a Celtic slave.  I don't think the little birdie is even capable of imagining how wretched a slave's life could be and that comparing that life to mine is rather unfair but I, secretly (and, might I add, shamelessly) reveled in that moment.  I belong to a dying breed and in… Continue reading A Little Birdie Tells Me…


I have been writing a lot less lately.  And I don't really know why.  I guess it's because I have too much to write about and too little time.  I have been busy.  Crazy busy with the course I am doing.  But not too busy to think.  I am a restless creature, I am.  Can't… Continue reading