Too Much Too Soon

My baby’s gone from this…


to this…


in what seems like overnight and I am not sure how I feel. On the one hand, I can’t believe what a beautiful young girl she is growing up to be.  Beautiful both inside and out (and that’s my very objective opinion ;)).  On the other hand, she’s growing up way too fast and I can’t keep up.  I need more time to get used to the idea of her not fitting in the crook of my arm anymore.

As if her graduating 5th grade wasn’t enough, I had to leave my 10 week old baby boy, Yoda, in boarding for a week and a half.  It was gut-wrenching, sort of like Ka’s first day at school.  I am sure he did fine but I certainly didn’t.  I don’t do so well when I’m away from my kids.

But wait…it isn’t over yet.  So, Ka graduated elementary school with the sole purpose of rubbing my face in the fact that she’s growing up too fast, Yo had his first boarding experience, and as if all that wasn’t enough, Jupiter and Neptune had to be left at a new boarding place because the people who (or is it whom?) they boarded with previously relocated to another state!

Needless to say, I was on quite the emotional roller coaster that week and I hate roller coasters.  I am scared of the height, I don’t like the butterflies in my tummy and I don’t trust the people who assembled the roller coaster in the first place.  It’s stupid and dangerous and totally not worth it.  But I digress.  Now let me tell you why I put myself through this nonsense.  I did it to become a CZT.  What’s that? That, my friends, is a Certified Zentangle Teacher.  I did it.  More precisely, Mr. M made me do it.  I have been on the precipice about it for so long, I think he just got tired and gave me a little shove.  Now all I have to do is sprout wings and fly :


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