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Plowing Away…

I have been awol for a while now.  And my plate’s been quite full.  I’ve been busy with things and one of them is this.  I’ve rediscovered Zentangle and I’ve spent the last few months tangling to my heart’s content. It’s been a blast.  So much that I, the cheapskate, have signed up for the upcoming CZT seminar.  I am soon to be a Certified Zentangle Teacher! Yay!!

I have also been trying to finish a web designing specialization on Coursera and it’s official…I H.A.T.E. Javascript.  I don’t get it.  It’s overwhelming, confusing and, messy.  It feels like a scalding hot cup of tea that is being funneled down my throat.  I don’t drink tea.  I don’t want to drink tea.  I don’t enjoy drinking tea.  But I have to get through this.  I am not giving up because I do not want to be a quitter.  So I’m going to keep at it till I can plow through to the other side.

And my knight in shining armor who will keep me from exploding while I am doing all that plowing is this little fellow…


A long awaited (14 years to be precise) addition to our small little family…The pocket sized tornado disguised as a harmless little fluff ball 🙂


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