Busy Bee…

…that’s what I’ve been over the past many months.  I’ve finally embarked upon the journey to becoming a graphic designer.  I’m in the process of building my portfolio, I have my domain name registered and I am so excited, I can barely contain myself.

It all started 13.5 years ago when I got married to Mr. M and he, a few months later, thought to himself,”hmm…my wife’s creative”.  Before I knew what hit me, I found myself roped into a game of tug of war with him; Mr. M trying to pull me towards a career in graphic design and me pulling away from it with all my might.  Let’s just say, his perseverance beat the living daylights out of my adamance!  He is after all a whole lot bigger and stronger than me.  I certainly didn’t stand a chance. I should have conceded long ago.

Although I hate to admit it, I have taken quite a liking to graphic design.  I am bursting with ideas and suddenly I feel a sense of urgency.  Like I’m running out of time or something. I constantly hear a clock ticking in my head too.  Maybe I should get that checked.  Anyway, suddenly I feel excited and energized.  Each day I wake up earlier, sleep later (not necessarily a good thing and I suspect it has something to do with that ticking clock I mentioned earlier),  learn more, feel happier, and more content.  I can barely wait to see where this road takes me.  But for now, my big agenda is to take it slow, savor every moment, and create art  just because it makes me happy!


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