Showing Respect 101

A week or two ago, on a warm and bright Saturday morning, we were at Ka’s Taekwondo class for her belt test.  As always it was a treat to watch. The kids were focused and doing a great job and Mr. M (he really doesn’t deserve to be called that anymore, but let’s save that for another time) and I were admiring the proficiency of the master and how well he taught a class.  He had managed to strike the perfect balance between discipline and fun.  It was so beautiful and perfect, I very nearly welled-up.  As the lump in my throat began to form and blinked to hold back those tears of joy, I was rudely shaken out of the peace and tranquility by a loud boom that reverberated through the room.  The master looked shocked, then confused, then lost.  He looked around the room trying to find the source.  As it turned out it was just a parent who had apparently never been introduced to the concept of the ‘inside voice’.  Nor was he capable of finding a better time or place to share whatever the hell he was sharing with the person sitting next to him.  Whatever it was, his story showed absolutely no signs of ending.  Now, these are the kind of people who need to be taken aside and given a quick crash course on how to behave in a classroom.  Considering we were in a Taekwondo class with at least 5 black belts buzzing about, I would surely have enjoyed watching one of them step up and volunteer.  Why, I myself almost reached for the Nunchakus that were sitting there on the bench next to Mr. M.  Alas, if only I knew how to use them…


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