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Keeping Up With The Joneses: Starting Early

Yesterday Ka came back from school wearing a friendship band.  A sweet little boy gave it to her.  Actually he gave one to every kid in class, all 30 of them!!  It’s amazing how some parents have this talent for making other parents’ lives harder just by being themselves.

Now, the likes of me are the kind of parents who don’t really care about friendship day or valentine’s day or grandparent’s day or mother’s day or father’s day or dog’s day or cat’s day or the-bacteria-living-behind-the-right-canine-tooth-of-the-neighbour’s-dog day!  The whole year goes by and the only days I remember are family members’ birthdays and anniversaries and that too only because I’m expected to.  So in my world, friendship days (and all other random days that exist only because Hallmark wants to make money) come and go and I remain blissfully oblivious to them.  Until, of course, some random parent decides to send friendship bands for the whole damn class as a result of which, Ka comes home wanting to take friendship bands for everybody too.

As hard-hearted and strict as I am, I also don’t like saying no to Ka just for the sake of saying no.  So, I obliged and decided we would make some bands because that’s more special 😉  I know it is easier to go out and just buy some but like Baldrick (from Black Adder), I too had a “cunning plan”.  You see, if I just went out and bought friendship bands this one time, Ka would know how easy it was to do something as stupid and meaningless as taking random things for the whole class just because somebody else did. Instead, if I made her work hard and slog at it, she will never ask for it again (not friendship bands, acquaintance bands, not-yet-friends-but-might-be-someday bands, enmity bands, I-am-not-sure-if-you-exist-dear-alien-but-here’s-one-for-you-just-in-case bands or any other silly bands that might exist).  At least she won’t want to take them for the entire class.

Anyway, we dug out some scraps of yarn from my stash and made a couple of bands.  By the time we were kind of done with the 2nd one, Ka’s little hands were tired and she realised she had 28 more to go.  So, she declared that she is good friends with only 5 or 6 kids out of the 30 in her class and none except one of them was planning to get friendship bands (only because the little boy did).  She said she was okay with not taking these bands to school since she would have to spend the whole entire weekend just doing this all day long and will have no time to do anything else.  She also asked me if I had ever given friendship bands to any of my friends.  I was honest and admitted having given them to a few of my very special friends and only when I was in my pre-teens.  She was happy that she wasn’t getting there any time soon 🙂

Needless to say, I am proud of her and her cunning mother 🙂


3 thoughts on “Keeping Up With The Joneses: Starting Early”

  1. This is hilarious. I have a 2-month old infant and work in a middle school, but had no idea that these are the kinds of odd dilemmas I will be facing in a few years. You handled it very well.


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