Arranged or Love?

“Amma, what is the difference between an arranged marriage and a love marriage?”, Ka asked on our way back from the airport.  It was pouring cats and dogs and there wasn’t much else to do other than to sit and wonder about this and that.  Of course, this kind of “this and that” is not what I expected an almost 7 yr. old to wonder but alas, inspite of being the all powerful mother and all, I can’t really control her thoughts.  So, I answered very matter of factly.  “Love marriage is when you marry whomever you feel like marrying while arranged marriage is when your parents find your husband/wife for you”.  The next logical question was if ours was a love marriage.  I told her that we had let our respective parents pick us for each other.  She was quite fascinated by the fact that Mr. M and I met, for the first time, a day before we got married.  She couldn’t quite digest it.  She said, “You mean Viji paati didn’t even let you live with appa for a few days before you got married to him?  That is not fair!  Then why do parents tell their kids not to talk to strangers if they want you to marry a stranger?”.   


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