Yeh Mera India

Yeh Mera India (1)

A bus, so crowded that you would think sardines in a tin can have a much better deal than these poor people trapped inside that bus.  A man, amongst many other men, hanging on to dear life on the footboard.  One arm stretched to its maximum capacity desperately trying to hold on to a rod somewhere near the steps of the bus, one foot barely planted on the footboard and the rest of his body hanging out.  And what happened next warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face.  The bus slowed down.  N.B. The bus did NOT come to a complete stop (for obvious reasons).  One man sprinted towards it to get in and almost missed the bus.  That’s when our hanging man stretched his other arm out, helped the sprinting man onto the bus and moved over to make some space for him.  Now, moved over where?  I haven’t got a clue!!



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