It Happens Only In India

The day before yesterday, we went to RF (a local grocery store with a real name that I don’t want to name).  It was 8pm and we’d been out all day trying to get a bank account (which takes 3 business days to get activated for some reason) and a couple of other things sorted and then loafing around in the mall for the simple reason that none of us could come up with anything better to do.  Anyway, we were all dead tired and wanted to get back home as soon as possible.  You may ask what was stopping us from going home right away then! The problem was that I had been craving for Adai for 3 days now.  Which means that all the forces of the universe couldn’t have made me go back home until I had bought every last ingredient needed to make Adai.  So, here we were at RF, the most disorganized, dirty, crammed grocery store I have ever seen.  Since this was the only grocery store right next to home, we decided to brave it out.  After about 1/2 an hour of walking through the aisles trying to find 3 things, we headed for the check-out counters.  Finally, after what seemed like a few hours of walking through a treacherous jungle path (like Snow White trying to flee from her evil step mother), we finally reached our destination, the safe haven of the check-out counters.  We stood there, rejoicing at how close we were to the end and how, soon enough, we would be tucked into our cold, comfortable beds, fast asleep.  Mr. M and I decided to hedge our bet (as does every Indian couple when they see a gaping hole in the back wall of the store to allow the check-out lines some space) and stood in two different queues.   As soon as Mr. M got in line, a man came rushing forward, pushed Mr. M aside rather rudely and got in line ahead of Mr. M.  Apparently, the man had left his shopping basket in queue while he shopped some more.  Anyway, Mr. M took a step back and gave the man and his precious basket all the space they needed.  And we got on with life.  We stood there waiting patiently in our respective queues, with a super-patient 6-year-old in tow.  Finally, it looked like it would be my turn.  There were two counters, but only one queue (for lack of space) and the people in the queue were splitting up as and when the counters became available.   I stood there waiting for one of them to be done so I could step forward.  Sure as hell, one of the counters became available and sure as hell I stepped forward but I never made it to the counter.  The man who had pushed Mr. M a while ago, got out of his queue, jumped the line I was in, elbowed me, pushed right past me and got to the counter before I even knew what had hit me.  He was fast as lightning and sure enough, my thunder followed.  I made a fuss and argued with him and instead of apologising or even ignoring me, he stood there and gave me an argument for why I was being unreasonable and ridiculous while what he did was perfectly sensible and fair!  Now I know why so many Indians believe in God.  They need that extra strength and hope to just get them through each froggin’ day!!!


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