Friends Forever

“They are like an old married couple.  Can’t live with each other.  Can’t live without each other.” 

That’s what their pre-grade teacher said after a few weeks of school.  That’s how much they love each other.  Like they have known each other a lifetime and their friendship is the only constant in their lives…

They argued constantly but neither of them could imagine being best friends with anybody else.  In a class of 20, they had ample choice.  And yet they chose one another and they stuck with one another through thick and thin.  When they finally had to go to different schools, they missed each other terribly.  Both of them had an awful time trying to make friends.  And even when they did, it was nowhere close to what they had.  They continued to miss each other constantly.  They looked forward to the occasional play-dates.  They made little cards and gifts for each other.  They sent each other “love letters”.  And when they were together, their love for each other shone through, for everyone to see.  One glance at them and you would know that they are the bestest of friends!!  And when they were apart, you could actually see the pain on their faces and the sadness in their eyes.  That’s the kind of friendship these two little angels have.  I never knew that a couple of 6 year olds were capable of so much love and attachment.  They share a friendship so beautiful, it makes the world a better place.

They loved talking about magical lands and going on adventures together…spinning beautiful dreams with their little minds, pretending to be fairies with powers, the power to freeze time and control all the forces of nature with one wave of their magical wands.  They constantly talked about being sisters.  They even had a rock solid plan on how that could work.  They were to be sisters, living together in the same house and A (Sa’s mum) and me were to take turns being their mother.  We would have our turn every other week and it would be perfect.  Neither of them would have to give up their own mothers.  and yet, they could be together for the rest of their lives, till the earth bursts like a balloon and the world, as we know it, comes to an end a million billion and ten thousand and nine hundred and sixty-four days later.  But like John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”!  And so, life happened.

Hopefully, life will keep happening and these two little angels will grow up to be the most beautiful young girls.  And they will meet again someday to find their friendship unfazed by the passage of time because a friendship so beautiful, a love so deep is so hard to come by in this world, I would hate for it to get lost or fade away…


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