The Dragon and The Ladder

Since the day we landed, we have been driving around town like a couple of crazy loons who have nothing better to do.  And sure enough, we drag Ka along everywhere.  To visit schools, to view houses, to the bank and to the Forex.  She has been such a darling, patient as ever, not complaining much and keeping herself busy.  About 4 days ago, she was sitting in the car, staring out the window at the blue skies and the small clusters of cumulus clouds, trying to find shapes in them.  Out of the blue (literally), she announced that a dragon had come all the way from China to take us back to Shanghai.  I looked up and sure enough, there it was.  A chinese dragon, with its well-defined face, body, tail and all!  She told him to wait till she bought a super long ladder which she would then use to climb up to him.  The dragon waited.  She kept looking at it and talking to it.  The next day, the dragon cloud was still there.  And then again, the day after.  Finally, she asked him to go away because she couldn’t find a ladder that was long enough.  But he refuses to leave.   She now has a friend that follows her around everywhere and refuses to leave her.  I wonder if he’ll still be there tomorrow!  I hope he stays and I hope that someday Ka finds that super-long ladder she’s been looking for…


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