The Lost One

It finally came off.  Grandpa was brave enough to pull out Ka’s super wiggly tooth yesterday (6th May 2012).  The logical next step for Ka is to put the tooth under her pillow.  The only problem is that she’s been told by her grown up (7 yr. old) and experienced rich American friend from school that tooth fairies give little girls $100 per tooth.   And what’s special about this particular friend is that Ka believes she can never be wrong, especially about tooth fairies and their gifts.  I finally understand why Asian parents start to worry the minute their kids come home and make their friendship with the Caucasian kid official.  

Anyway, we have managed to convince her that since we are in China, the tooth fairy will most likely be Chinese and being a fairy in a developing country, she might not be as rich as the American tooth fairy.  Moreover, she will only be able to give gifts in Renminbi.  It made sense to her.  Since Ka has taken after her father she had no choice but to accept such a logical explanation.  Of  course, I haven’t told her that INR is less valuable than RMB.  Afterall, I don’t want to risk her wanting to knock out all her teeth in the next month or so just for the money.   


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