The Wiggly One

Ka finally has a wiggly tooth.  Needless to say she is super excited.  She has been waiting for this for a while now.  A lot of her friends have already lost a couple or more teeth.  And now, she’s finally got one that’s wiggling.  She loves it coz she thinks that her grandparents and her aunts and uncles will finally stop calling her baby (Poor lil’ kiddo.  If only she knew the truth!).  She says it’s official now.  There’s no denying the fact that she’s all grown up.  Afterall, Mother Nature has deemed her ready for her primary teeth and who could be a greater authority in these matters than Mother Nature herself.  So, Ka’s announced it to all her near and dear ones and has made it very very clear that it is going to be next to impossible getting a response from her if she were to be addressed as ‘baby’.   Daddy M on the other hand, is doing an excellent job being himself.  Just as expected, he has been the perfect hypochondriac, fussing and fretting as usual.  First he tried to persuade me to give Ka a teether.  He wanted me to wet and freeze a corner of a wash cloth for Ka to chew on just like I did when Ka was 13 months old.  Since Ka wouldn’t hear of it, he made us go to the dentist’s.  Honestly, I don’t think the dentist really understood why we were there.  I don’t think I would blame her for that since I myself didn’t know why I was there.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she went home and told her family and friends about us.  I am no expert in these matters but something tells me that it is not everyday she gets to see a patient less than 8 years old who’s there to show her their wiggly tooth.  She seemed quite lost and confused.  So, just to save me the embarrassment, we indulged in some small talk and she cleaned Ka’s perfectly clean teeth just for the heck of it.  As for all future wiggly teeth that Ka’s beloved Mother nature is going to send our way over the next year or so, Mr. M will be making that trip to the dentist, not me.  Because for daddies, little girls with teethers remain little girls with teethers forever.  And this mummy is too smart to get caught up in daddy’s mess 😉


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