Birthday Resolution

I have been thinking a lot lately (not unusual considering it’s me I am talking about) and I realised that I need to make some changes in my attitude towards life. What better way to make those changes than birthday resolutions. No, not my birthday and yes, my resolutions :). Why does it have to be my birthday for me to make birthday resolutions? Afterall, didn’t some wise dude say that when you see Mr. Opportunity walk past you, you should always gag him, blindfold him, tie his hands and feet together and throw him in that sack you have been carrying around in your bag and then drive him to your secret hideout from where he can never escape? So that’s exactly what I plan on doing. See, normally if I made new year or birthday resolutions and I accidentally happened to not keep them, I would have to wait a whole year before I could make them again. Doesn’t sound like a very smart thing to do, does it? So I decided to break away from this narrow-minded, old-fashioned, backward idea that one should make birthday resolutions only on one’s birthday. I saw Mr. Opportunity walk past me one too many times and I couldn’t resist. I did exactly what that wise dude said to do. What’s more, come September and it’s like I hit a jackpot. There are at least 3 birthdays (in the family) in September. So, I am being smart and I have made my resolutions. On Ka’s birthday and then again on my mom’s birthday and if I fail again there’s always my mother-in-law’s birthday coming up. See, it’s a lot easier to focus on succeeding if you aren’t too busy being scared of or worried about failing ;).  I guess I might just have learnt a little something from all those late night talks with Mr. M about his work.  Agreed I snored through most of those chats but one thing stuck in my subconscious – “Agile”.


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