I forgot!  And I am hoping you did too.  What did I forget?  Excellent!  Those are the exact words I was hoping for 🙂  But again, since I am this wonderful, kind-hearted person, I am going to save you the trouble of having to rack your brain over trying to figure out what it is that I forgot.  It’s nothing important.  Just the pictures of the cake and the little gift that Ka made for Mr. M.  Well…we ate the cake.  It was yummy! As for the pictures, it all started with laziness which then morphed into procrastination which then became a blend of laziness and procrastination which in turn became helplessness which led to the photos falling down a few rungs on the priority ladder and then the whole taking-the-picture-and-uploading-it became an impossibility.  The cake was all gone and before we knew it Ka and I were on the flight to India.

So, 3 weeks later, my guilt for not having kept my word has forced me to sign in and write this post.  Also, I will try to take a few pictures as soon as I get back home and I will upload them.  As for the cake, I will make up for my broken word by sharing the link to the recipe with you 🙂

I made this cake… http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/07/best-birthday-cake/ 

with the instant fudge frosting from here…http://smittenkitchen.com/2009/08/espresso-chiffon-cake-with-fudge-frosting/

So, that’s that.  And very soon I will write about my stay here in India…


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