Mr. M turns 35

Today is Mr. M’s 35th birthday and Ka made a very very special gift for him- a handmade photo album with her pictures in it, complete with captions and all.  She put in the 35 cutest pictures of her,  recording every stage of her life, starting from the day she was born right up to Feb this year.   Of course I had to help her a teeny tiny bit with the paper cutting and getting the pictures developed, but I think it would be more than fair to say that she did most the work by herself.  She stuck the pictures to the cardstock, wrote the captions, did her drawing of appa and her holding hands. All of it, in just one day.  Finally, Mr. M the minimalist, who has never held on to any of the presents he ever got (including the really special ones I gave him), has received something so priceless and precious, he will have to keep it. For life!!

I do realise that some pictures of it might be really nice but, since I haven’t had any lunch yet and am famished and drained of every drop of energy I had (thanks to the elaborate breakfast followed by the baking of 2 cakes), I don’t have any pictures to show you.  But, I will upload some soon, I promise :).  Along with pictures of the 2nd cake.  No, I am not trying to kill him by stuffing 2 cakes down his throat.  It’s just that the first one was an utter disaster.  The recipe called for buttermilk, which lots of people on the web said could be made with milk and vinegar.  I was naive enough to fall for it.  So, my first cake came out of the oven smelling and tasting disgusting.  So, I had to start over again.  The 2nd time around I just used the tried and tested age-old indian style buttermilk (made by whisking a little bit of yogurt with some water).   And it sure did pay off.  My cake smells and tastes delicious.  Now all I need to do is frost the cake.  Then, you will have your pictures and I my cake (well, his…mine…all the same)!



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