It happened again!

Yesterday was shopping day and we took a cab after having done some (which could also mean ‘a lot’) shopping and having baked ourselves quite a bit in the scorching heat of Shanghai summers.  And once again we were treated with a live performance of ‘Awara Hoon’ from Raj Kapoor’s movie, Awara.  This time around it was ‘funner’ (as Ka likes to say) since the driver sang us the first couple of lines from the original Hindi version followed by the HanYu (mandarin) version!  Mr. M even sang a little duet with him.  Now we feel we just have to learn this song.  That way, we wouldn’t have to keep singing the same lines over and over again for the entire time that it takes us to get home, sometimes through traffic jams, which can add to the travel time significantly.  If we learn it, we could just sing them the song and then have them sing us the mandarin version.  It also seems like a really cool (and sure-shot) way of making a connection with the cab drivers.  If we knew the whole song, we just might start getting some discounts on the cab fare, no?  Or, as AnAn (Mr. M’s big bro) thought, hailing a cab during peak hours might just get a tad bit easier!


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