Yesterday Mr. M bought Ka her first copy of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’.  Ka, with her love for books, couldn’t wait to start reading it.  In fact she did what she usually does in book stores.  She picked a book and then a nice little quiet corner in the store, sat herself down and started reading.  We encourage her to do that so she gets a feel for the book she is about to buy.  That way, she doesn’t end up buying books with pretty covers and crappy content.   Anyway, yesterday she bought the Diary of a Wimpy Kid and off we went to do my shopping for our trip to India.  With the book in her hand and no end to our shopping in sight, she decided she was hungry.  She knew there was a restaurant right next door, and she knew that was her only chance to read the book until we got home.  So, off we went to the restaurant.  Ka settled down with her napkin on her lap and her water bottle by her side and started reading a book.  A few pages later, Mr. M asked her if she liked the book.  So, she started talking to him about the book, telling him everything she liked about it.  And then came the questions.  “Did this boy draw all the pictures in this book?”.  “He draws really well”.  “Is this really his Diary?”.   “But, the first page says that it is a journal, not a diary”.  ” And the cover says that it is a diary”.  So, after this monologue from Ka, Mr. M pitched in and said that it is the personal diary of this kid, just like the cover says.  Ka’s next question, without any delay whatsoever, is, “Well…if this a diary, why am I reading it?  Isn’t it rude to read other people’s diary?”…


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