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Daddy’s Dog…

Who had ever thought that my 5-year old would one day call me her daddy’s dog and I would laugh about it?  (Sigh!) Motherhood is such a funny thing and it has funny ways of teaching you lessons.  What is the lesson I learnt?   Beware of the way kids think….

About a week ago, I was in the kitchen at 7 in the morning, making breakfast for Mr. M who had just woken up.  Ka was at the dining table eating her breakfast when Mr. M said to her,” Good Morning pup pup!” .  She goes,”who are you talking to appa?”.  He goes,” Who is my Pup?”.  She goes (all in the same breath),” I am!! Good morning Appa! And Amma is your dog!!!”

What can I say?  My jaw dropped to the floor and the longest ever “what” reverberated through the house.  Surprised at my reaction, she very calmly explained to me that a pup is a baby dog and I am her mother.  So, that makes me a dog too.  And since she is Appa’s pup, I have to be appa’s dog.  It’s not like I have a choice right? 

And yes! I did thank my stars for ka not knowing the right word for a mommy dog…


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