Wow! What a Day!

It’s been quite a day today.  I have been up since 3:30.  Yes! A.M. !  Call me crazy and I will not say a word to contest it.  I woke up, studied Psychology for a couple of hours, got Ka ready for school, made breakfast, went to chinese class (for which I ended up walking quite a lot), came back, had a quick bite to eat, went swimming (and swam 20 half-laps), then finished my chinese homework, took Ka to the park, came back and made dinner and am now blogging about my crazy crazy day.  So, folks, I am going to skip the spell check and I am going to go crash.  Coz I have this exact same day coming up again tomorrow and the day after and the day after that for the next 4 weeks.  What’s more?  Now that I have glued on these crazy wheels to my feet, I am going to go ahead and sew a few summer skirts and dresses for Ka and work on her room decor a bit too.  Where’s the time for all of that??  Well…isn’t that what weekends are for? 🙂


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