I’ll miss you terribly chitappa…

Last week, on the 28th of March, I received news that my youngest Chitappa (Appa’s youngest brother) passed away in a car accident.  From what we could gather, the driver dozed off for a split second, braked suddenly, and as a result the car rolled a few times.  Chitappa,  who was in the back seat and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, sustained a severe and fatal head injury, was thrown out of the car and died on the spot.  The driver injured his spinal cord and is paralysed for life.  This is even more painful because Chitappa was the kind of guy who took his driving very very seriously. Never sped, never drank, never forgot his seatbelt, never used his phone while driving.  And the one time he didn’t wear his seatbelt (probably because he was in the backseat)…

Needless to say, I know one too many people who don’t take seatbelts and taking ample rest before setting out on a long drive and stopping when tired and not drinking and driving and not speeding and not talking on the cellphone while driving seriously enough.  The argument I always get to hear is, “I do it all the time. I have never been caught” or “I have been driving for 10 years now and have never been in an accident” or “speed limits are bullshit. Look at the autobahn” or “We’re almost there. And I am not that tired. I’ll just buy a coke. I’ll sleep when I get home” or “I am not drunk!  I am fine. I know when I am drunk” or “Oh! I am really good at multi-tasking”.   Well…all I would like to say to all those people is that I wish you all the luck in the world coz if you ever run out of luck,  you would have played not only with your life but most likely also with somebody else’s.  And all of my friends who think it is not important to wear seatbelts in the back seat, I know it might not seem important, but why take a chance? It takes but a few seconds to put that thing on and take it off and it will make all the difference if and when the need arises.  So, be smart, be humble and be safe.


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