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The ‘Doing’ Phase

So, I made my mango pineapple jam and the oatmeal raisin cookies.  Both turned out awesome but sorry, no pictures.  The cookies are almost gone.  Ka’s in love with these cookies (and so is her dad!!).  So, the next time I might just try to make them a tad bit healthier 🙂 As for the jam, the recipe gave me very little jam.  Actually too little to bother with canning.  So, I just put it in a tiny plastic container and refrigerated it.  Not pretty enough to shoot.  But the next time I make it, I will put it in a pretty bottle and then post some pictures.   Oh and yeah!  I also found this awesome, mouth-watering, yummy recipe for pav bhaji .  Looks like I am running high on luck with finding all the right recipes.  Or, since I don’t believe in ‘luck’, maybe I am just getting better at using bing and google.  Or maybe (the most likely of all possibilities), bing and google are getting better at finding me the right recipes 😉  But who cares?  As long as I get the right recipes and while I am still in the ‘phase’.  That’s that with the kitchen.

Now, the drawing.  I tried my hand at upside down drawing and here’s what I got…

Ka's portrait from a photo
Reference photo for drawing


Not brilliant, I agree but not too bad for a pre- instruction drawing huh?! Learning to draw from a book is more fun than I thought it would be…I’m simply loving it.  I also did a couple more upside downs but they are not worth uploading.  Will work on one more portrait today.  If that turns out half as good as this one, I will upload a picture of it. 

Now, with the books (sigh!), always a challenge for someone like me.  Words! Words! Words!  Every book should have two versions, one for folks who are brain-dead in the right hemisphere and the other for folks who are brain-dead in the left hemisphere (that’s me, definitely!).  I did finish a few more chapters of ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’ and ‘Plato and a Platypus…’ but haven’t touched ‘Mostly Harmless’ and ‘The Grand Design’ in days.  Never mind.  I know I will get there, someday.  Hopefully soon.


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