A colleague of Mr. M’s was found dead in his apartment today.  Just like that.  One day he was there, walking and talking and going about his business. The next day he is gone.  Forever.  Nobody knows what happened.  He wasn’t old.  He wasn’t sick.  He wasn’t anything that would have led to something like this. 

I didn’t know this person.  Never seen him.  But somehow from the moment I heard this news, my life doesn’t seem normal.  There is some invisible force, an unfamiliar, strange emotion, that has gripped my heart and is wringing it like a piece of rag.  I can barely breathe normally, no matter how much I sigh.  Somehow, just thinking about it makes me want to burst into tears.  I can’t stop thinking of his parents.  As I made dinner for Ka, heated up the milk for her, brushed her teeth, listened to her talk about school, helped her with her homework, admired her colouring, I couldn’t help but think of those unfortunate parents and the grief and pain they must be going through. 

We humans, as a species, have been around for so long, have known this to be a part of the circle of life and yet we haven’t been able to wrap our heads around the abruptness and permanence of death.  And maybe we never will.  This is the one truth we will never be able to come to terms with.


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