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That’s what my life is all about.  Phases.  Every few months (sometimes weeks, and sometimes even days), I go through one phase or the other.  Right now I am going through a reading, cooking and sketching phase.  That basically means that I have been reading myself to sleep every single night and I have been cooking like a mad woman and I have finally dug out my sketch books and pencils and dusted them off.  Now they are even permanent residents of the ‘Kingdom of the Eating Place’ (also known in some homes as the dining table).  In fact I even made an attempt at a self-portrait, drawing of my hand, and a portrait from memory.  I certainly wouldn’t say I have got the hang of it … yet.  But I am sure I will get there.  That is if this ‘phase’ has the perseverance to stick around until then.  In the kitchen front, I have been making my own spices (for the very first time in my life).  Today I am going to make mango-pineapple jam, oatmeal raisin cookies, some mirchi bajji and something for dinner.  And it is not very often that you will get to hear this from me, but here I go…cooking is so much fun!!!  As for reading, I am half-way through ‘The Grand Design’, ‘Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar’, ‘Mostly Harmless’, and ‘The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’.  Let’s see how many of these I finish… and I will soon have pictures of my cookies and jam along with the links to the recipes (i.e., if they turn out good!).


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