Sleepless Again!

3:43 am. Local time, and I can’t sleep.  That’s right. I am (wide?) awake. Just so you know that I don’t ‘sleep-blog’! Anyway, this is on account of a missing calendar. You know the Mom’s-organizer-and-calendar type wall calendars? I used it last year, loved it, bought another one for this year and saved it so I could use it here in Shang Hai, which by the way, means ‘on the ocean’ in Chinese. But that is not why I am up at 3:49 am (which is what the time is now) and I guess that says a lot about my typing skills and speed. But again, that is not what I am losing my sleep over. The damn calendar never came.  My brand new calendar that I loved and was looking forward to using has gone missing somewhere on the way from Seattle to Shang Hai. It’s that or Mr. M either ‘accidentally‘ dumped it, or ‘accidentally‘ donated it. I certainly do suspect foul-play here. After all nothing can be ruled out until I have investigated into the matter thoroughly. Or it could just be that I left it in some very safe place in the house to keep it from getting dumped or donated and then the landlord found it after we had left the country and he dumped or donated it.

No matter what fate it met, I don’t have it and it is very difficult for me to stay organized without it. I have too many notebooks and diaries to know which one was for appointments. I am going to start losing my receipts because every single time they will go in a different ‘very very safe place’, the kinds I can never remember or keep track of OR they will stay stuck to my fridge for a long-ish time and then get trashed without being checked coz I will either need the magnet that’s holding them or I’ll get tired of the clutter they add to my fridge door. Now, anybody in this day and age could sneer at me and ask, “you still have your appointments and stuff in a physical book? Why don’t you use an online calendar?”. And I would say (drum roll please…),”I can’t.” Coz I am not technically challenged. Oh no no no! I am technically crippled! When it comes to using online tools for day-to-day things, I am as good as arm-less, leg-less and head-less. I mean, I am the kind of person who sometimes has trouble with e-mail and Facebook! So, yeah! That is out of the question. Anyway, I will figure something out. Maybe I will just make my own Sandra Boynton Mom’s Calendar. I don’t have much choice, do I? It’s better than losing precious sleep over a calendar, some receipts and the fact that I am technically crippled.


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