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Finally! All our stuff is here. Everything’s been unpacked, put away and I have settled down into my routine of cleaning and tidying and more cleaning and tidying.  My back is starting to hurt again and I am beginning to think there has to be something better I can do with my life.  Like make my own handmade soaps and bookmarks.  Uh-uh! They are not related and anybody who knows me well enough knows that that is ‘ME‘!!  At any given point in time, I absolutely must have all my fingers stuck wrist-deep in totally unrelated hobbies.  How do you get fingers stuck wrist-deep in different things, you may choose to ask. Afterall, human beings have fingers that, at some point, fuse into what we call the palm, right?  Now, that is a special talent I have.  No, my fingers do not come apart.  And yes! I am human (at least, that’s what I like to think!).  Ok, maybe semi-human?  Now, be nice and let’s settle for semi-human, ok?  So, now that all ‘our‘ stuff is here, I have my yarn for knitting, and my fabric for sewing, I will have all the soap making supplies once I figure out where to get caustic soda, I have my bookmark making supplies, I have signed up for photography classes, I will soon be signing up for chinese lessons and I will soon be signing up for a psychology program too.  That leaves me with 3 fingers.  Let’s say I take up cooking as one of the hobbies (don’t know how long that will last but it never hurts to dream).  2 more to go.  Maybe some form of dance.  There are some classes at the gym across the street.  Okay. Let’s put dance/Yoga on the list.  And now it’s time to declare an emergency.  I have 1 more finger to go and nothing to dunk it in 😦


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