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This Too Shall Pass

A few more days have gone by. Time refused to mend its ways. We are in Krabi and needless to say, time followed us here, wings and all.

We have been roasting ourselves on some of the most beautiful island beaches (there is really nothing much else to do here), hopping from one beautiful tropical island to the other. I have been spending most of my time floating around in the crystal clear emerald green waters, staring at the clear blue skies, with the sun in my eyes, joy in my heart and peace brimming from every pore in my body. It is all beautiful for as long as I am out there, enjoying myself. And then, it’s time to go. The day is coming to an end and I realize that this is the last time ever that I am seeing this beach and this island. It is then that a certain variety of sadness returns and then my mind races to the future, wondering if there is any chance I will ever come back here again and if I ever do, will this place look the same, will it be as charming as it is now. It is the same sadness, a vague anxiety that I brought with me from India, Australia, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and all the places I visited in the U.S.

So, for moments like this, I have now found just the right thing. Buddha: His Life and His Teaching! A book I bought at Bangkok airport and by far the most valuable impulse buy ever. It feels good to know (and remember) that everything is impermanent, that nothing lasts forever. A small little fact of life that we so often tend to overlook. Now, every time I step on the white sands of the beach, or swim in a beautiful lagoon, or see fish nibbling on the watermelon that Ka stands there holding for them, or watch the sun go down with a burst of brilliant colours, or watch Ka trying to float in the ocean, I gently remind myself that this too shall pass. Nothing is here forever. Not me. Not anything that I see, hear, smell, taste, feel or think. And then suddenly life seems so much simpler, so much more bearable, so much more beautiful. Right here and right now. Not in the times that have gone by, not in the times that are yet to come, but in the moment that is here.


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