Yummy! Or, Yummy?

Hungry?  How about some boiled eggs?  With a little twist!  Yeah! Just giving you a heads-up.  Don’t be surprised if you find something more than just egg white and yoke inside.  Like what?  Oh! Nothing much.  Just a chick.  Uh huh…not the yoke.  The chick.  No?  How about some Chicken in chilli oil then?  That sounds good.  Let me tell you how it is made and you tell me if you still want it.  Deal? Deal! So, what they do is, get hold of a hen/rooster or whatever the hell it is,  kill it (let’s just keep our fingers crossed and go with that assumption), pluck its feathers off  and leave it in some chilli oil.  So, what do you think?  Want it?  You are waiting for me to finish?  But I am done.  No! I have not forgotten any key ingredients.  I got them all.  Chicken and Chilli oil.  Those are the only key ingredients.  In fact, those are the only ingredients, key or not.   No! You DO NOT chop, cube, slice, flake, julienne, mince, grind or shred the bird to boil, grill, stir-fry, shallow-fry, deep-fry, broil, roast, broast, smoke, or do anything else that you can possibly think of doing to it.  You just take the bird, claws and beak and all, and soak it.  Hence, chicken in chilli oil.  How much more accurately descriptive can the name get?  What?  Sounds interesting but, “thanks, but no thanks”?  Ok.  Then maybe you might want to try some pickled duck.  Yes?  Finally, something that you might like eh?  But hey! If you can have this, why not the chicken in chilli oil?  Afterall it is just duck instead of the chicken and brine instead of the chilli oil…that shouldn’t make all that difference!  Changed your mind eh?  Ok then, how about some deep-fried scorpions? Or some jellyfish.  Or some wiggly thingies cooked in broth along with tofu?  The tofu is the key ingredient here.  Coz when you drop the live wiggly thingies (which could be anything from eels to worms) into the boiling broth,  they wiggle and burrow their way into the tofu hoping to escape the boiling broth only to get trapped in it instead.  And that’s what makes it yummy.  The little surprise inside the tofu cubes.   What a delightful little treat, huh?  Or maybe some chicken feet, an absolute favorite amongst the girls here.  It helps them stay petite, they say.  Maybe something vegetarian then?  Like, tofu… with mould growing on it or some stinky tofu that definitely lives up to its name coz you can smell it from about a mile away!!!


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