Kids, travel

The kid is alright except…

…that she can’t wrap her head around the idea of not owning a car.  I think now she is absolutely certain that we are poverty-stricken.  First we get lessons on how to bargain in China (WYSIWYG) and now we don’t even own a car!  What’s more? She’s been told that, once we  move into our own apartment, we will not be using cabs too much either . In fact she can’t even begin to fathom why we would even consider doing something that stupid! First not owning a car and then not even using cabs?!  “How, then, are we going to get around? Have you even thought about that amma?”, she says. “The Metro, of course!”. “What is the Metro?”. “Trains”. “What? What are you talking about? We’ll take a train to go from our house to the Indian store? That’s funny!!”  I see why she finds it so funny.  The only time she’s been on a train was when we went from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C.  But I do think she’s doing really well for someone who hasn’t lived in a city ever.  And she loves it here. She loves the fact that she doesn’t have to wear seatbelts in cars. She loves that she can learn to speak chinese. She loves that her room has a study table right next to the window. She loves that she can get her matching raincoat and rain boots and umbrella because we are never going to own a car (funny how that’s the only advantage she sees to not owning a car). She loves that everywhere she goes, people call her ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’ in Chinese. She loves that she can learn how to ‘paint Chinese’.  She loves that she will finally be able to learn how to ‘eat with sticks’ although she doesn’t understand, amongst a lot of other things, why they are called ‘chopsticks’. Afterall, they are sticks, not knives and we can’t really chop anything with them.  She knows. Coz she tried! In fact she loves it here so much that she wants to stay here “forever till I am 10 years old” which is in fact like ‘forever’ for a 5-year-old who thinks 2 minutes is a very long time. Either that or she’s a really smart kid who has promptly caught on to the fact that in this family, the chances of ‘forever’ lasting more than 5 years is very very bleak…


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