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Yum Yum…

Finally, a good meal! No, a GREAT meal!  Ever since we landed in China, we’ve been trying to find some good eating places. To be more specific, we have been looking for good Chinese eating places. Now, the thing with chinese food is that we, the non-Chinese, have all been spoilt by different versions of it.  Like Indian chinese and American chinese etc. The real chinese food looks, smells and tastes nothing like any of these versions.  Besides, even if there is a remote chance that you might end up finding something on the menu that you might like,  how do you find that thing from a menu that is completely in Chinese?   And by any stroke of luck, if you end up finding a restaurant that has its menu in English as well, most of the important details are lost in translation. In which case, you are going to need somebody who knows English and Chinese to answer all your questions about the menu. And that is indeed a rare commodity here in China.  And, the not-so-bright people that we are, we still can’t speak, read or write Chinese.  I mean, c’mon, it’s been a week and a half!!  🙂  But, that’s definitely the first item on our priority list.  I don’t know about the other members of the family, but I definitely feel like someone who can’t swim if their life depended on it and has been thrown into the Pacific Ocean.  One of 2 things will happen. I will splash around a bit and drink some yucky salt water and gasp a little for breath and then eventually, I will start swimming or I will die a slow and painful death, one gulp at a time. I know from other people’s experience that it’s more likely I will swim than drown. But when? I don’t know.  I can only hope and I can wake up at 4 every morning  to work with little Ms. Rosetta Stone 🙂

Anyway, coming back to food, like I said, we have been trying to look for some restaurant that will serve not-so-unfamiliar Chinese food.  We looked and we looked and we ended up eating a lot of Indian food instead. We tried at least 4 different Indian restaurants and I felt like they all had some deal with the cooking oil company and were competing against each other as to who can use the most oil in their food in one single day. Who knows. Maybe they even have one of those digital displays in their kitchens comparing the oil usage of each Indian restaurant in town and giving them real-time updates.  Out of desperation, I made many many trips to the local Indian grocery store, never buying more than 3 items at a time. “Why?”, you might ask.  Well, it’s because the store is very tiny and always out-of-stock on most things.  Everything that you need will come on Thursday or next Tuesday or after 10 days.   So, shopping for Indian groceries here in ShangHai is going to be a bit of a challenge.  Anyway, at last I have most things I need and have successfully been able to cook a couple of decent meals.    After those 2 meals at home, it was time for us to eat out again.  So we dragged ourselves to the food court of the mall down the street (The Metro City Mall) and putting all our blind faith into the reviews that Mr. M had read, tried a new restaurant.  And what a treat it was! Mini-me and I had our first taste of pork (that did not look or taste or smell anything like something I have never eaten before, maybe because it was chopped up into such tiny pieces and mixed in with the fried rice).  I had this amazing vegetarian dish called  ‘Spicy Ramen’ which is basically ramen (noodles) in an eye-popping, ear-fuming, nose-watering, lips-on-fire spicy broth with lots of  bean sprouts and galangal thrown in.  It’s the yummiest food I have had since I set foot in this country and I am definitely going back for more…


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