The travel bug strikes again…

Here we go again…the travel bug is back! And when it’s back, it’s BACK! It’s here to stay.  This little bug is not like the others. It doesn’t rest till it gets what it wants. When it strikes, it strikes like none other. Not a little bite that causes a mild rash and some swelling that dies down in a few days. Oh no! Not this one. This one comes like an innocent helpless little creature disguised as a passing thought and before you know it, it has spread to every fibre of you. It’s a part of every thought that occurs to you every second of the day. In a few weeks, it manifests into this powerful compulsion that takes control of your life.  Now, the thing to note is that this bug draws it’s strength from certain kind of people with certain kind of a mindset. And that’s basically us! Hence, the recurrence.

I am sure you have guessed by now that we are on the move again. It’s China this time. The first time the bug made its presence known was around May or June of this year. And by July we were desperate to move.  We had started selling whatever little furniture we had even before we had shortlisted potential destinations. Talk about virulence.  Anyway, as you already know, we never have solid plans. So, in a span of 2 months, we had considered Melbourne, Hyderabad, London, Reading, Beijing and ShangHai!  London, Beijing and Shanghai were neck to neck for a while and eventually London tired out and fell behind. Then it was Beijing vs. Shanghai and after a long (read close to 2 weeks) and difficult struggle, we had a winner! ShangHai!!! 

Like I said, it was a tough choice, but we made it. Based on inputs we got from folks who had been to both cities, the web, books, documentaries etc. etc. Oh! And by the way, Mr. M was the one who figured this out. In a matter of a few weeks.  All by himself.  When it comes to taking informed decisions I like to leave things to the experts and that’s my man! An expert in gathering information. Useful information. As for me, I prefer not knowing anything about a place before I go there. I guess I like surprises. Adventures. Blank canvases. And that’s what I am when it comes to China! One Big Fat Blank Canvas!!!


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