Peter Pan was right!

So, I kept my promise and I tried really hard.  I came to a screeching halt on every not-so-fun downhill ride. I wore out the soles on many a shoe but it was worth it. So totally worth it.  I dragged myself up that slippery slope of self-pity every single time and while doing so, I sold myself, ever so breathlessly, the idea that life is good! It was hard. Like my first day on the treadmill…breathless and thirsty and dizzy and so tempted to give up after the first 5 minutes inspite of walking at a pace that other veteran gym-goers might find too slow even for a cool down!

Lessons learnt:
1) Life IS good
2) Swimming does help
3) It’s NEVER too late to go after your dreams
4) The voice in the head has no idea what it’s talking about
5) When it comes to the voice in the head, there is a ‘zip-it-and-throw-the-keys-away‘ button.

And all these revelations later, I feel like Peter Pan.  Never once did I believe that I could fly just by thinking happy thoughts. But now I know. Happy thoughts matter. In fact happy thoughts are all that matters.    


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