Imperfect is perfect

My little princess turned 5 a couple of days ago and needless to say I spent the day with an indescribable feeling about how fast she was growing. A knot in my stomach that wouldn’t go away. It seems like it wasn’t long ago when she almost fit in daddy’s palm. Daddy used to fondly call her a palmtop 🙂 But as I sat there thinking about how fast time flew by, I also realised how blessed I am to have the family that I have. Now, life’s not perfect and the more I think about it, the more I know that it’s perfect in not being perfect (if that makes sense).

So, after a whole day of thinking long and hard (as you all know by now, that’s one thing I am almost an expert at!) I decided that I am going to try. Try real hard. I am going to try real hard to stay on the sunny side of life. To remind myself every now and then that life is good. As good as it gets with all it’s fun ups and not-so-fun downs. It’s going to be tough but every time I am on one of those slippery slopes, heading down at break-neck speed on one of those not-so-fun-downhill-rides, I will do all in my power to come to a screeching halt and drag myself uphill again. No matter how out-of-breath I get! So, at the end of those days, when I am more than ready to drop dead with a smile on my face, I will plop myself down on the bed, lie back and tell the petty and silly little voice in my head to zip it! And I will tell it how happy I am with my imperfect life b’coz perfect is boring. Perfect does not exist. And I would rather have ‘wonderful’!!


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