Boy Oh Boy!

Sometimes, very rarely though, I do feel sorry for boys.  Think about it… As blessed as they might be for having us girls around, sometimes it can be challenging dealing with us.  However, the one thing I realise is that the problem is always the same. Guys just aren’t smart enough to figure us out.  And we don’t do much to help them out either. They want everything spelt out. They want to be spoon-fed.  We, on the other hand, like it to be a little more fun.  We want them to figure us out. We want them to know instinctively, without us having to tell them, what we want. But, somehow, they never do.

A few weeks ago minime was playing with her kid cousin brother.  Without an inkling of as to why, minime started crying with so much sadness on her face, it worried us for a split-second. Then we saw how lost the little boy looked and we knew exactly what was happening. He had no clue why she was crying. He sincerely believed that he had been at his best behaviour. He waited patiently for the storm to pass. 15 minutes later minime was still mad. None of us knew why. He was pretty sure it had something to do with him but he didn’t know what.  She wasn’t talking. Not to him. Not to any of us.  5 more minutes passed and she comes and tells me she’s angry. “At whom?”, I ask. “At myself!”, she says. “Why?” “Because I don’t have any small toys to play with. I don’t want big toys and Aadhi has all the small ones!” (that was poor little Aadhi being a good boy and giving up the big toys for her). “Did you ask him for the small toys?”. “No!”, she said scoffing at the absurdity of the question.  ” Doesn’t he know?”  And that is when I realised how unreasonable we can sometimes be.  Not that that realisation is going to bring about any drastic changes in our lives, but at least I admitted that I realised that we can occasionally be unreasonable. Lucky Mr. M!!


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