Kids, Us

Little Helper

My little doll is growing up and fast. She wants company and she has it all planned. Here’s how her head works and this is how much she thinks. 

Observation: Mommy’s tummy was really big when Mini-me was inside. Which means mommy’s tummy needs to be big enough to hold a baby in order for mommy to be able to have a baby. 
Problem: Mommy’s tummy is big but not enough to hold a baby. So, mommy can’t have a baby.
Solution: We can ‘buy’ a baby from the ‘shop’. 
Observation: We are 2 girls and 1 boy. 
Problem: Daddy is the only boy and so he doesn’t have company when we girls are out having fun doing girl things. And Mini-me feels sad that daddy might be lonely. 
Solution: We need another boy to keep Daddy company when the 2 girls are out doing girl stuff. So, Baby Boy it is!
Observation: Babies need to be taken care of.
Problem: Mommy doesn’t have time. Mini-me doesn’t know how to change diapers and she has to go to school. Daddy needs to go to office to ‘buy’ money to buy food and toys and clothes. 
Solution: The boy needs to be 4 years old. That way he won’t need diapers. He can go to school with Mini-me. And  he can play with her. If we can’t find a 4 yr. old, we can ‘buy’ a 3 year old and if  3 yr. olds are ‘all done’ at the ‘shop’ we can settle for 2 but anything less than that would be unacceptable.
Observation: Babies need clothes, toys, food etc.
Problem: All of this will cost us some money. 
Solution: To save money, Mini-me can share her toys. She can even let the baby boy own some of her toys. For the rest of the stuff, daddy can ‘buy’ more money from his workplace! 
Observation: Bringing up a kid is a lot of work.
Problem: Mommy will have to work more
Solution: Mini-me can make mickey mouse pancakes and mini blueberry muffins. She can help her baby brother change clothes. And she will spend so much time taking care of him and playing with him that he won’t bother Mommy. She can even help Mommy sign the receipt at the grocery store. She will write neatly and not make a mistake. She can even learn cursive writing so she can write exactly like Mommy 🙂
And, here she goes. “Mommy! So, when can we go and ‘buy’ my baby brother?”

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