Kids, me

I’m Back…again!!

So, here I am. After another long break.  This time around, I will be here for a reasonably long time. Or, so I think.  

It’s end of school year and my life is back to square one. But, it was mighty fun while it lasted. Like I said earlier, kids are always fun.  Be it the little boy from Kindergarten who wouldn’t tell on the pretty little girl from 3rd grade (who beats him up during every recess) because he wants her to like him,  or the girl who just can’t stop talking at circle time no matter how hard she tries, or the boy who can’t separate fact from fiction (like he went to the zoo over the weekend and saw a tiger that ate some meat that the zoo keeper gave him but the meat was a deer and it came alive in his stomach and tore the tiger’s tummy with it’s horns and there was blood everywhere and so on and so forth), or the boy who wants to go to the restroom every 10 minitues just so he wouldn’t have to do spellings, or the girl who thinks every alphabet makes the sound p, h, and k, or the girl who is so fond of singing in the bathroom and having monologues in front of the mirror that somebody needs to remind her every few seconds that there are 22 other people who can hear her loud and clear just on the other side of that door!

And now, school year is over and I might never see these kids again.  It’s a strange feeling but that’s life. For a few weeks I might feel like there’s a big gaping empty hole in my day but slowly I will figure out ways to fill it up. Whatever I fill it up with might or might not be as much fun, but fill it I will…


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