I’m Back

Wow! That was quite a break I took. But I have been busy. As always. I have come a little ways with pottery. I have managed to make a few cylindrical things and you won’t believe how tricky it is.  But here I am. With hope that’s still alive and kicking.

I am back into dancing.  I am reading some awesome books on Montessori and child psychology. I even clened up my precious little fountain pens and got them all ready for note-taking. I went outand bought two journals (they were on sale and they look pretty unlike the 12 odd other drab looking journals stuffed into my closet space). I have made a lot of progress with my kids at school. So, yes, my volunteering work has done some good. And as of now, I conclude from my life experiences that it is way way easier to handle a 5 year old than a 33 year old.  5 year olds are more reasonable, have more conscience, are more sensitive, understand better, empathise better and are capable of exceeding expectations as far as loving and giving goes. What can I say. I simple love them.

And, they are also more honest. Minime truly believes the only thing daddy can do better than her is snap his fingers but she will catch up soon. She does sometimes get tired of taking care of daddy. She has no Idea why dad doesn’t make his own breakfast.  She does agree that it is not fair to expect mommy to clean up all the time. And yes! needless to say I love this kid to death and I love her even more for the way she’s turning out. Keep it up Kiddo!


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