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7 Years and No Itch…

7 years! That’s how long we have been married. Isn’t it around this time that certain people develop some kind of an itch? As far as I can tell, neither of us are showing any signs of major life threatening allergic reactions. No anaphylaxis. No wheezing. No ugly rashes. No devilish red eyes. No swelling. None of that. An occasional sneeze maybe, but that might just be me and my temper. To be honest, though I do not believe in stars having anything to do with how our lives end up, I still like to thank them. Especially since a significant part of my teenage years was spent star gazing 🙂 And I truly believe that I just got lucky.

Now, that is not to say that either of us (or, for that matter, our lives) are perfect. In fact, far from it. He’s the kind of guy who suffers from selective vision and hearing who never puts his shoes away and is married to an obsessive compulsive maniac who trips on his shoes every single time. So yeah! It has been a roller coaster and I am pretty sure it will stay that way for a very very long time to come. Especially with a minimalist coder who can’t stop using the word ‘junk’ with reference to the precious stuff that belongs to the hoarder-who-is-always-right. What guts huh? Anyway, there are only so many warnings I can give. After that it will have to be something drastic like a shopping spree with the sole purpose of filling up every inch of the house with whatever I please. I might even move his junk (like his 5 T-shirts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 2 pairs of shoes) to the trunk of our car to make some extra space for my stuff. Or maybe a hunger strike…with a twist (where I do the strike part and he does the hunger part; the key is for this to happen after the shopping spree so he can’t eat out) because he isn’t showing any signs of improvement and I am not giving in either!!

And just so you know I HATE roller coasters. So, this is going to be the only ‘joy’ ride (why do they call it that?) I will actually go on willingly, and to a certain extent, happily in this lifetime (I am pretty confident there’s no life after death and so I am not going to worry about that for now.)

Meanwhile I have to find the answer to a very important question. Why do people get married? By the way, this is Minime’s question for me. I will not deny the fact that I ask myself this question every once in a while too. But this time I am going to pin it on her. She also wanted to know why she is not married to her dad because he is a boy and she is a girl and they are family living in the same house!!!


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