This morning I heard a strange noise which I thought was in my dreams. By the time I came to the realisation that it was for real, it had morphed into crying and a desperate call for Amma.  I ran to Minime’s room, sure that she had had a nightmare about monsters.  I asked her what was wrong (I didn’t want to put the idea of a nightmare in her head, just in case that wasn’t it.) How proud I was when she said she had a ‘bad dream’. I felt like a good mother. I was able to tell from the pattern of her cry what she was going through. But greed got the better of me. I wanted more. So, I asked the next question. “What did you see kanna?”.  “Somebody was having a birthday”, came the reply.  I deserved it. There was no way I would have guessed that!! And with that I hastily climbed down from up where I was and had my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Turns out it’s not only my birthday that’s an issue. Minime hates birthdays in general. OK. Maybe not all birthdays. But definitey all adult birthdays. She simply hates grown ups having birthdays. It gives her nightmares. Why? No one knows. And I am not sure anybody ever will. 


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