Girls like dressing up. Most of them. No matter where they are born, or where they grow up. At some point in their life, and that point comes around surprisingly early on in life, they want to wear mommy’s makeup and mommy’s clothes and mommy’s shoes (they always pick the high heels) .  I wonder why. Why is it that we are born programmed to want to dress up? I know girls who don’t want to. But they are an alarmingly small group. Look at mini me. I remember secretly dressing up in my mum’s pretty sarees and talking to myself in the mirror. Mini me has no sarees to wear but she’s doing pretty well with my dupattahs.  
I even see her talking to herself all the time. Just like me. And then I realised that she will never ever be bored in life. Like my sister-in-law pointed out…I am a “DREAMER”.  That’s what she told me. In quotes, all caps, and bold with an underline. And I am blessed. Because, I dream. And so does my little one.
And I know that boys are hardwired too. My 2 1/2 year old nephew sees the Zoobi Doobi song  from 3 Idiots and goes,” Mommy! I like that orange aunty a lot.” You guessed right! The ‘orange aunty’ is the lead actress dancing in the rain in an orange saree 🙂 And my 3 year old neighbour (he was 3 about 15 years ago) came back from his first day at preschool and the only thing that he seemed super happy and excited about was his ‘ladki’ teacher!! Talk about being born with a one track mind.

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