The deduction…

Poor little baby. Mini me. She’s just stuck for life with these nomadic parents and it sure is confusing the heck out of her. Today she went to the day care for a kid’s night out. They took her swimming. When I went back to pick her up, she, very promptly, pointed out that I had forgotten to put her swimming goggles in her bag. What she did not realise was that I hadn’t forgotten. I just didn’t think she would need them. Mini me “never ever ever never ever never never” puts her head under water. And she claims that if she said never ever non-stop for the entire time it takes us to drive from home to her school, it might not suffice. So, my not giving her the googgles was totally justified. Uh-uh! I had not been my usual self (translating to irresponsible!) 😉

Anyway, when she got back, she demanded an explanation. I tried the truth but I don’t think she even heard it (like father like daughter). She asked me if I even knew where her goggles were. I told her they were at home. She goes,” Ooooooooh!” (and that’s the longest Oh I have ever heard anyone say). ” Now I know why. It is in our old house!” It sure was a challenge for her to grasp the truth about the ‘old house’. She just couldn’t believe that someone else lived there.  And so did all ‘their’ stuff.  She thinks that every house we have ever lived in is still ours.  We just moved out because the house got messy while we were trying to pack a couple of boxes!!

I had to break the news to her and there was no easy way to it. I crossed my fingers and held my breath and I told her the truth. Again. This time the truth worked. After about 5 minutes of serious deep contemplation, she goes,” So, is that why people have so many things in their house ? So, if someone comes to their house they will see the stuff and know it’s not their house. And then they will get out and go looking for a house which has their stuff ?”

Right now I think her biggest fear in life is that we might just not remember which house we currently live in 🙂


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